King of Maggots  23”x13”
Mille Fleurs  24”x15”
Primavera  24”x15”
The Dirty Dress 23”x14”
The Beautiful Plague  32”x22”
Vile Ghost 16x30”
Still Life 23”x25”
Cutting the Blossom 23”x19”
Cast 20”x21”
Meatman 18”x14”
The Knot 38”x24”
Fragile 14”x16”
The Little Doomed Girl 16”x22”
Bursting Through The Woods  22”x26”  
Rape Serenade  20”x30”
St Violentine 17”x17”
Someone To Mourn Over Me   21”x30
I Still Believe in Love  22”x25”
Lifecycle of the Brat  17”x22”
When The Hunter Sings 20”x26”
She's Haunted  19”x25”
Spilled Life 21”x30”
Feeds On Fire 30”x21”
Mourning Glory  21”x19”
Infernal  18”x19”
Respecting the Bag  21”x29”
The Little Dead Mermaid  18”x27”
Tiny Eva  21”x22”
Dreaming Angel 16”x33”
Toads  13”x26”
Lucifer Poops  19”x16”
Murder and Child  15”x23”
Walker on Path  21”x33”
Voice of a Sinking Ship  19”x25”
Follower With Flowers  21”x23”
Jazz Funeral For Didi 12”x20”
Didi detail
Cutey Pets  29”x25”
Flying Princess  14”x28”
Memories Of a Child Prostitute  22”x15”
Bride 22”x25”
Bad Night With Insomnia 22”x25”
Angel On a Rope 13”x23”
Another Ugly Sunset  32”x22”
King Of the Fuckups  22”x31”
I've Trampled a Million Pretty Flowers  20”x42”
Double Jane 31”x19”
Self Portrait 13”x15”
Erotic Cliff Scene 22”x24”
Menaced By Chandalier  12”x20”
Swan Dive 3’ diam.
House on Fire  14”x20”
Still Life With Bankrobber  18”x28”
Most Wanted 20”x24”
Waif and Wreath 24”x28”
Girl vs Mess  23”x30”
At Her Best  25”x23”topx19”bottom
Full Frontal Excitement 23”x26”
Asleep Adrift 16”x20”
Little Red Motherhood 26”x34”
Cyclone and Cyclone Fence 28”x23”
Landscape With Underpants  31”x20”
Girl Dyeing Her Hair 19”x28”
Roadkill Ophelia 19”x41”
Slut of the Year 23”x28”
Bunker 23”x42”
Speech Balloon 28”x24”
1340  20”x30”
Farmer + Scarecrow  27”x32”
Sitting Not Working  30”x26”topx22”bot
Birdbath 35”x18”
Funeral For Elliot 20”x26”
Autobiography  25”x21”
PaleOval 29”x25”
Rejects  26”x33”
Fine Example 26”x22”
Dreams of Cheese 20”x22”
Patron Saint 22”x62”
Bigtop Flophouse Bedspins 38”x28”
Ressurwreckage 34”x24”
The Student Gynecologist 32”x48”
Child Bride 20”x38”
Birdie Thief Strikes 27”x25”
Puppets 32”x32”
Snakes and Ladders 31”x30”
Dog Mama 50”x16”
A Ship on her Shoulders 38”x25”
Ship detail
Judith and the Head of Holofernes 45”x17”
Big Bang 55”x20”
Dutch Tile Fever 30”x31”
Exquisite Corpse 31”x22”
Constellation 25”x35”
Ornithology 35”x30”
Donkey Ducky Dream 25”x35”
Heart Like a Hand Grenade 20”x30”
Ancestor Worship 42”x25”
John Fletcher Hamlin Is No More 35”x36”
Virtue #8  34”x31”
all images copyright 1984-2010 Judith Schaechter 
Ship detail