Dream of the Fisherman's Wife 32”x48”
Fisherman’s Wife detail
Specimens 25”x37”
Body Bag 28”x47”
Hemophilia 48”x23”
Hyena Snake Comet 30”x33”
Winter and Spring 30”x38”
Multiplication Table 32”x32”
Wreck of the Isabelle A. 48”x23”
Wreck detail
He's Haunted 43”x27”
Seizures 27”x50”
Engimedusa 46”x25”
The Floor 34”x36”
Monument 25”x30”
Mother and Child 34”x23”
Flasher 36”x25”
My One Desire 35”x52”
Agnus Dei  36” x 21”i
Cat Shelter  23” x 36”
Joan of Arc  35” x 31”
“You Are Here”   37”x 26”
“Seeing Is Believing”  11’x 9’
“Seeing Is Believing”  detail
“The Talk”  18” x 41”
“Phosphenes”   28” x 24”
“Phosphenes”  detail
“Widow”  26” x 52”
“Widow” detail
“Self Portrait of Someone Else” 24” x 23”
“An Invocation” 26” x 34”
“The Cold Genius” 25”x 35” (bottom) x 43 (top434343” (top).pict
“Cold Genius” study  25”x 29” x 37”
“Sin Eater” 25” x 46”
“Sin Eater” detail
“The Minotaur” 25” x 38”
Study for “The Minotaur” 20” x 14”
“Mad Meg”  53” x 21”
“Nature”  28” x 45”
“Lockdown”  31” x 21”
all images copyright 1984-2010 Judith Schaechter